Monday, July 21, 2014

Well, I was wrong...

Finding Bigfoot is about to end its fifth season, but this is NOT the final season as some had said. Cliff told me personally a few months ago at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference that if it were true that the show was ending he would be out of a job. The cast is shooting the next season now, so there will be at least one more season. I should have asked Cliff or Bobo directly if the show was ending or not instead of listening to Internet gossip. I regret the error.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Go to this YouTube Channel to see all the Finding Bigfoot Review Shows!!!!!!

Short Editorial about the end of Finding Bigfoot

Well, the rumors have been circulating, and now they are true, according to Bobo and Tyler Bounds themselves-next season of Finding Bigfoot will be the last. I have to say I will miss the show, even if it never actually "found" Bigfoot. And I will not go into the whole "This show is entertainment, nothing more," dichotomy here, because I did an entire video about it already. But it was a good show for what it was, entertainment, and it raised awareness for the subject. Oh, and kids love Bobo. So there were some positives to the show which I think outweigh the negatives. Here's to ya, Finding Bigfoot, and good luck in your future endeavors.